martes, 27 de noviembre de 2007


Today I researched WS-Discovery. This is a protocol of the WS-* family and is very similar to a p2p architecture. But instead of using a propietary or binary messages to discover peers or services it uses XML and SOAP.
I don't agree that the WS-* stack is bloated, the interoperability is great, when you have communicated two applications written in two completely different languages such as Java and ASP, then you know that Web Services are paradise.
If you complain about bandwidth just use compression, and if you don't understand the protocols, do your homework :)
Returning to the subject of my post, WS-Discovery identifies clients and services. The clients send multicast "probe" SOAP messages asking for services. Then the services answer in unicast to the client, using WS-Addressing to indicate the client the service address. Also services can say hello or goodbye to the whole network in a multicast way. All in all it is a very simple protocol and really useful in mobile enviroment where connectivity is limited.
A good way to dynamically obtain a SOA service catalog too.
AFAIK there is no Java implementation, but a .NET one in Windows Vista, but i haven't checked it out yet. Perhaps it's a good addition to Apache Muse.

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