lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2007

Java application clustering made easy

Ever wanted to share the state and emit signals between two applications? and how about a variable number of application instances? you know how hard it is to do it efficiently, in a multicast way, etc.
And how about recognizing an instance failure? All those features are hard to write and harder to test.
Shoal comes to the rescue. This framework derived from the GlassFish project, provides cluster communication, join and failure signals, messaging and data sharing.

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Shreedhar dijo...

Just read your new article about Shoal to be published on and this blog entry. Very glad to see that you fully understand and benefit from the value that Shoal provides.

Please do send us any suggestions you may have to improve the product and add new functionality without complexity.

Shreedhar Ganapathy
Co-author Shoal.

Diego Naya dijo...

Shreedhar, thanks for your comments and Shoal itself!.

I'd be glad to send any improvements / new features to you. Shoal is a great product and excels in many clustering areas.

My contribution for now is the article, it'll attract new people into the project!