domingo, 18 de febrero de 2007

I'm back

After 2 months of inactivity i'm back. A lot of water under the river, a new position in the company is consolidating, about two thirds of my OSWorkflow books are finished and my baby is almost 5 months old.
I've taken over the Chief Architect position in the company. My ex-boss moved to a new department called Quality of Service. Kudos to him for teaching me a lot about architecture, politics and patience.
With the new position, comes new responsabilities and more people to manage. More than twenty people in the enterprise architecture department....what a mess...
I'll post soon with the details of the team i've assembled.
I wanted to tell you my goals for the 2007: TOGAF architecture certification, PMP and the most desired of all: IT Architect certification from the Open Group!!! I would be the only one in Argentina to posses such skills, my boss should be very happy and proud :)