domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Esper:The power of events at your fingertip

Events are everywhere, in massive amounts , containing information you never imagined and in real time. But can you handle them all?
You are not alone, Esper allows you to process streams of events. A continous flow of events you can query and detect patterns.
The patterns are the real power of Esper, you can make use of sequencial and time patterns.

For example: If after the ocurrence of a Stock with more than 5 dollars, arrives a new Stock with less than 4 dollars, notify me!

Esper only notifies you, and leaves the rest to you.

2 comentarios:

Alex dijo...

Esper does actually do a lot that you don't need to write yourself and provide an abstracted event processing language supporting patterns (followed by) but also continuous aggregation, batching, filtering, joins etc
Have a look at

Hopefully, once stuff gets triggered, your own piece of code gets invoked to perform your own logic (as a POJO).

Diego Naya dijo...

Thanks for your clarification Alex! Keep up the good work with Esper!