lunes, 12 de marzo de 2007

Enterprise architecture mapping tool

Enterprise architecture needs tools! No commercial vendor tools convinced me. Instead I'm using Protege, the open source knowledge management tool that's a defacto standard. It allows me to build an enterprise architecture metamodel, to create an inventory of our current architecture situation and to model the ideal architecture.

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Rob dijo...

Hi Diego,

I too have done some (low-intensity) efforts to capture architecture in Protege.
Protege allows you to define about any repository, and offers some general visualisation tools.
It is quite a job to come up with a good metamodel, I have been looking at UML, SysML, SPEM, several ADL's but things are complex and/or incomplete.

Other products I have been looking at are HP's SmartFrog ( ) and ArchiMate ( ).

The only way to capture architecture is: define / fill a multidimensional repository and allow multiple (dynamic) views on it. ArchiMate seems to come close but is not as extensible as Protege.

Anyway: Protege rocks...

Regards, Rob.