lunes, 25 de diciembre de 2006

Training new architects

Recently i was given the task to train and mentor new architects for different applications. I've never thought about how i became an architect, so i wandered about my carrer growth, and the following points stood out:

1. Have a vision for the application. Dream about it, lead the developers, show them your vision.
2. Understand the domain and know the principles that guide the business.
3. Creativity. All the restrictions and constraints are the mothers of invention. Explore your limits, always.
4. Know your developers. Develop a good relationship and a strong link with them. Know each of them, their profile, background and dreams. Help them grow inside and outside the organization. There's nothing more gratifying to see one of them reach personal goals, and obtain more responsabilities.
5. Last but not least, research the field of architecture, develop proof of concepts, be an explorer of the unknown. Knowledge of the technology, infrastructure and operations always help.

I'm training the developers on these points, and eating my own dog food, i created a profile for each of them. Some want to be data architects, application architects and others enterprise architects. Some are analytical and rational, some are intuitive. Others are people based and some are task based. This knowledge enables to build a customized career and learning path for each of them.
I'm very proud of them, to take the risk of becoming an architect.

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